New firmware version 3.12 is issued

New firmware version is available for AV1 products.

What’s new:
– Fixed: dive computer wake up only through pressing the left button in FlipScreen mode.
– Fixed: TTS value on the screen couldn’t be updated in Compass and Game modes.
– Added: ConfigAlarm O2 menu item. It gives an opportunity to adjust oxygen cells’ PO2 minimum value to alarm start in Dive and Surface modes.
– Fixed: error in temperature front location of the TSS.
– PID-coefficients of solenoid controller are changed for more precise support of PO2 in all dive levels.
– Fixed: interface minor errors.

Download: [AV1_firmware_ver3-12]

dema_booklet_2016Dear Friends! Let us inform you that our products will be presented at International Exhibition DEMA-2016 on 14-19 November 2016 in Las Vegas, USA! See you at stand 1136 of Aquadiscovery company! You’ll be able to get acquainted with all Av-UWT products, including our new project – BRIZ rebreather, and ask all questions questions you have to AV-UWT head and developer – Alexey Vazhinskiy! See you @ DEMA!

AV1 head for Poseidon MKVI

Configuration is classic and tested: 3 oxygen cells, 2 independent power supply sources (LiPo 18650), low-power solenoind Clippard.
Possible options: standard HUD, independent HUD-s or HUD-A.

Heads-up display HUD-AF

hud-af_pic00HUD-AF is a complete functional HUD-A analogue with connection to standard cable via Fischer-connector.

User’s manual with all information about the product: [ENG] [RUS]

Heads-up display HUD-s

hud-s_pic00HUD-s is a functional HUD-A analogue with power supply via cable from external 3-5V source. HUD-s has smaller size in comparison with HUD-A.

User’s manual with all information about the product: [ENG] [RUS]

New firmware version 3 is issued!

Basic changes in ver. 3:
– Setting of time of automatic switch off is added;
– Dynamic change of screen and HUD brightness depending on depth is added;
– Dive course saving into logbook is added;
– Supposed gas consumption control is added;
– Emergency plan TTS calculation is added;
– Time to fly calculation conservatism is increased;
– All errors noted are corrected.
More detailed description can be found in the updated User’s Manual.

Download: [AV1_firmware_ver3-02]

AV1 Head for Inspiration Vision rebreather

AV1 Head for Inspiration Vision can be supplied in 2 options:

• With standard controller and HUD.

• With tempstick support and active HUD-A (fully redundant independent PO2 cells control).
av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic01 av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic02 av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic03