AV1 (AV1f) computer

av1_comp AV1 main features:
– supported gases: any composition / air, Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox;
– regimes: Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Gauge;
– algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16C, Gradient Factor model, 16 compartments;
– automatic switch-off after 2 minute surfacing;
– 8 gases for Open Circuit (OC) and Closed Circuit (CCR);
– convenient system of gas choice/change;
– opportunity to switch between OC and CCR during the dive;
– gas mixes or one gas can be added or changed during the dive;
– computer is not blocked during the dive when diving regime is violated;
– automatic switching between setpoints (can be set by user);
– 3 adjusted setpoints in Closed Circuit regime: High, Low and Deco;
– computer software can be upgraded via USB port;
– 100 dives’ logbook, detailed logbook – for 100 hours in nonvolatile memory;
– logging interval – 10 seconds;
– all warnings and diver’s actions are recorded;
– information can be downloaded to a personal computer;
– CNS level indicator;av1f_comp
– digital indicator of descending/ascending speed;
– multi-level planner, required gas and CCR bailout calculation;
– opportunity to look through all forthcoming decompression stops during the dive;
– dive simulator;
– Gauge regime;
– maximal tested depth – 200 meters;
– LiPo accumulator, charging via USB port from any power source;
– dimensions 90x65x28;
– weight 0.27 kg.

AV1 is produced in 2 options:
– AV1 without connector;
– AV1F with Fischer-connector and opportunity to connect 1-3 oxygen cells.
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