Introduce Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather BRIZ

Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather for diving down to 100 meters.
Measurements (without tanks): 650 x 220 x 130 mm.
Absorbent weight: 3 kg.
Estimated working time: up to 4 hours.
Weight (without absorbent tanks): 18 kg.

Update of the AV1eCCR and HUD-s product line

After successful testing, we launched the production of new series (M-series) of eCCR controllers and intelligent HUD.

The main difference between the new M-series and the previous version is the use of an external oxygen cells signal converter and the transmission of a digital signal over the M-bus via cable.

In previous versions of the AVeCCR controllers and HUD-s, the analog signal from the oxygen cells was transmitted to the controller via a common cable along with the power supply and the solenoid control signal. It imposed serious requirements on the quality of the cable and the entire connection in terms of high noise immunity and insulation level and was making usage of detachable connection difficult.

In the new M-series, the analog signal from the cells is converted in a small converter in the immediate vicinity of them (inside the rebreather head).

Further, the digitized noise-free signal is transmitted via a common M-bus to the controller or intelligent HUD. When using multiple control devices (AV1eCCR-M + HUD-sM or AV1eCCR-M + AV1FM), the appropriate number of converters is used. It makes the system completely independent.

Switching to the M-bus allowed using the well-recommended IP68 connector for connecting a controller or HUD. For today the M-series version of the AV1eCCR-M, AV1eCCR-M2 (internal power supply) and the updated HUD-sM are available for order.

An internal battery can be installed into the AV1eCCR-M controller (external power supply, standard body) on request. This lets using the controller as a common decompression meter without connecting to a rebreather.

The updated HUD-sM is produced in a new case. Its electronics are completely redesigned, control via wet contacts has become much more convenient and safe. The HUD itself is completely filled with compound, which completely eliminates the possibility of water flowing into the device.

Since July 1, 2020, all controllers and HUD-s will be available in the M-series version. If required, the previous version will also be available on a separate order.

AV1 head for Poseidon MKVI

Configuration is classic and tested: 3 oxygen cells, 2 independent power supply sources (LiPo 18650), low-power solenoind Clippard.
Possible options: standard HUD, independent HUD-s or HUD-A.

Heads-up display HUD-AF

hud-af_pic00HUD-AF is a complete functional HUD-A analogue with connection to standard cable via Fischer-connector.

User’s manual with all information about the product: [ENG] [RUS]

Heads-up display HUD-s

hud-s_pic00HUD-s is a functional HUD-A analogue with power supply via cable from external 3-5V source. HUD-s has smaller size in comparison with HUD-A.

User’s manual with all information about the product: [ENG] [RUS]

AV1 Head for Inspiration Vision rebreather

AV1 Head for Inspiration Vision can be supplied in 2 options:

• With standard controller and HUD.

• With tempstick support and active HUD-A (fully redundant independent PO2 cells control).
av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic01 av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic02 av1_for_inspiration_vision_pic03

AV1 Head for Inspiration Classic rebreather

AV1 Head for Inspiration Classic can be supplied in 2 options:

• With standard controller and HUD.
av1_for_inspiration_classic_pic00 av1_for_inspiration_classic_pic01

• With active HUD-A (fully redundant independent PO2 cells control).
av1_for_inspiration_classic_pic02 av1_for_inspiration_classic_pic03

Heads-up display HUD-A

hud-a_pic00Technical characteristics:
• Number of measuring channels / indication: 3.
• PO2 measurement accuracy: 0.1 bar.
• Indication: 3 channels with 5 LEDs each.
• Independent indication: 2 LEDs (red and green) with connection to AV1f or AV1eCCR.
• Battery: AAA battery 1.5 V.
• Uninterrupted operation duration: not less than 100 hours.
• Tested depth: 250 meters.
• Calibration: air or oxygen.
• Operation temperatures range: -10 ⁰С..+45 ⁰С
• Dimensions: diameter 24mm, length 80mm.
• Channels’ input impedance: 50 kOhm.

User’s manual with all information about the product: [ENG] [RUS]

AV1eCCR controller

AV1eCCR controller manages the solenoid and supports preset setpoint based on information received from oxygen cells. Oxygen is supplied by the solenoid in cycles: every 5 seconds – fixed pause, and 0.2-20 seconds – Oxygen supply. Time of Oxygen supply is calculated by the controller and depends on several factors:
• difference between the setpoint and O2 level change in the loop (proportional share);
• O2 level change speed in the loop (differential share);
• weighted error time (integral share).

AV1eCCR controller can work with any solenoids: normal-closed, maximal operative current – not more than 500 mA and maximal voltage when the solenoid is safely & reliably opened is not more than 5V. Such solenoids are installed on all modern rebreathers: Inspiration, Megalodon, Revo, Hummerhead, etc.
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