AV1 (AV1f) computer

av1_comp AV1 main features:
– supported gases: any composition / air, Nitrox, Trimix and Heliox;
– regimes: Open Circuit, Closed Circuit, Gauge;
– algorithm Buhlmann ZHL-16C, Gradient Factor model, 16 compartments;
– automatic switch-off after 2 minute surfacing;
– 8 gases for Open Circuit (OC) and Closed Circuit (CCR);
– convenient system of gas choice/change;
– opportunity to switch between OC and CCR during the dive;
– gas mixes or one gas can be added or changed during the dive;
– computer is not blocked during the dive when diving regime is violated;
– automatic switching between setpoints (can be set by user);
– 3 adjusted setpoints in Closed Circuit regime: High, Low and Deco;
– computer software can be upgraded via USB port;
– 100 dives’ logbook, detailed logbook – for 100 hours in nonvolatile memory;
– logging interval – 10 seconds;
– all warnings and diver’s actions are recorded;
– information can be downloaded to a personal computer;
– CNS level indicator;av1f_comp
– digital indicator of descending/ascending speed;
– multi-level planner, required gas and CCR bailout calculation;
– opportunity to look through all forthcoming decompression stops during the dive;
– dive simulator;
– Gauge regime;
– maximal tested depth – 200 meters;
– LiPo accumulator, charging via USB port from any power source;
– dimensions 90x65x28;
– weight 0.27 kg.

AV1 is produced in 2 options:
– AV1 without connector;
– AV1F with Fischer-connector and opportunity to connect 1-3 oxygen cells.

Modern piezoceramic buttons are used for using the computer. The device’s body is made of highly durable Delrin plastics, screen is made of polycarbonate. Multicolor graphic display of high resolution (320×240) has 2.4” diagonal.

Well-reputed Buhlmann ZHL-16C algorithm in Eric Baker modification (Gradient Factor model) is applied as the basic algorithm of decompression calculations. This algorithm is also applied in widely-used CCR Inspiration Vision what makes convenient to use them together.

Gradient Factor (GF) model is the most flexible algorithm for dives’ planning both with air (nitrox) mixes, and multi-mix dives with trimix usage. In contrast to R.Pyle’s algorithm, GF-model sets reasonable deep stops depending on compartments’ saturation and applied mixes.

There are vast statistics of GF-model based decompression dives that let to consider this model as one of the most prospective and reliable ones.

Nevertheless, AV1 hardware and software resources allow to apply any other algorithms in case of their implementation.

All information shown on AV1 screen is grouped in accordance with its application. The screen itself is intuitively understandable and easily read. Indications have an explanatory sign and are additionally outlined by color depending on meaning and dive regimes for the user’s convenience.

Application of 2 buttons also depends on the current dive regime and is shown as a message in the bottom line of the screen.

AV1 screen in the surface interval regime:
scr_00 scr_01

In the upper line depending on the regime either current date or setpoint and time, in the next line – surface time after dive, no fly time and possible warnings about previous dive regime violation, if any. The next two lines – current settings: last stop depth, low and high grandient factors, ambient temperature, automatic setpoints’ switching and current CNS saturation. In the bottom part of the screen there are battery indicator, current gas and ambient pressure indicators.

During dive regime the main indicators are shown on the screen in letters of larger font size.

AV1 screen in non-decompression regime:

The screen shows current depth accurate to 0.1m, time in minutes and seconds, non-decompression limit in minutes, time to surface in minutes, descending speed in meters/sec.

When choosing any menu item, the basic indicators (depth and time) will be stored on the screen for continuous control:

In case of violating non-decompression regime depth and time of the first decompression stop shall be shown on the screen:

At any moment of the dive the whole diveplan with all the forthcoming decompression stops can be looked through:

During decompression AV1 has an indicator of so-called «dynamic ceiling» that allows to have both step-by-step and «uninterrupted» decompression:
scr_06 scr_07

In case of violating non-decompression regime AV1 indicates current depth in a different color and provides a warning message on the screen:

AV1 has a widely-developed system of dive regime violation warnings: decompression regime violation, dangerous PO2 level, not-best gas mix, high ascending speed, high CNS level, etc.:
scr_09 scr_10

Warnings are displayed on the screen and recorded into the dive log for further analysis.

Upon finishing the dive all the information can be studied in the log: both in graphic and table mode. All dive parameters, diver’s actions and emergency warnings are recorded into nonvolatile memory:
scr_11 scr_12

In surface interval regime multi-level dive planner is available. The dive planner provides an opportunity to calculate complex dive profiles (up to 8 levels with various descending/ascending speed between them). Calculation of required gas volume with various RMV for bottom and decompression mixes is available. For CCR it is also possible to calculate required bailout gas volume:
scr_13 scr_14

All the above mentioned features make AV1 dive computer application convenient and safe for planning dives and diving at any level of complexity.